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Thursday, November 8, 2007

(13) COME IN! SAY HI ! Part 1

 This page is  now CLOSED.
Please introduce yourself in the NEW POST ^__^

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Come in here and state your business ^^

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1. Say hi!
2. Youtube username
3. Real name (optional)
4. YouTube account url
5. Favorite ShinHwa Video
6. Whatever else you think we need to know :D
and remember most of all that we are taking in and reading everyone's intro...just that blogspot isn't really ideal for replies.
Know that we love you guys ^^ lolz


ShinHwaGlish Staff said...

1. Hi!
2. crystalis
3. Amy
4. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=crystalis
5. That one vid where the members pulled a prank on Jinnie to cure his habit of being late.
6. I'm an avid Dragonball fan lolz

Min said...

1. Hello! Nice to see a blog around!:)
2. minsquare91x
3. Min
4. http://www.youtube.com/minsquare91x
5. Guerilla Concert where their confessed their BROTHERLY feelings for each other.
6.I play Guzheng. I can speak/understand/write English rather fluently. Can speak/understand/write a little Korean & Jap (both basic syllabus) too. :)[Guess this is most helpful in translating :)]

Min said...

I'm so sorry...I can speak/understand/read Chinese rather fluently though( that's the reason how I sub most of my vids :))

ShinHwaGlish Staff said...

1. Annyeong Haseyo!
2. pandan
3. Cheryl
4. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=cherriya
5. Anything with Hyesung eating or Hyesung acting shy, in it. ;-P
6. I love everything green ^_^

Mal said...

1. Annyeong Haseyo ^^
3. Mal (angelix)
5. I love most of them ^^ esp. SyungDy vids ^_^
6. Amy & pandan *pokes both of u* hehehe =D I love this site :)

gracluvzen said...

1. Yobo-seyo!
2. gracluvzen
3. Grace
4. http://www.youtube.com/gracluvzen
5. All the X-file show they did. It nice to see the real Shinhwa. And I have another...All the Loveletter episodes with Shinhwa on it.
6. I like to read books, I like Kpop especially Shinhwa's music..in fact I love it and I watch lots of K-Series

wury said...

1. Hi!!
2. wury73
3. wury
5. anything about shinhwa friendship
6. what they doing lately

robynpoland@aol.com said...

1- Hi!
2- Robmcl2
3- Robyn
5- Hyesung/Eric dibidibidip game!
6- Thanks to all of you for posting all these subbed vids! I am learning Korean so I still need subs! Thanks!!

tweety said...

1. Hello!
2. persephone365
3. Thuy
5. Anything with ShinHwa = love :)
6. This blog is so awesome! Keep up the wonderful work!

misticall_girl said...

5.the infinite challenge episode with shinhwa <3
6.i depend on eng subbed shinhwa videos to live! hahaha thank you sooooooo much shinhwaglish!!

thequeenofhope said...

1. Hi! Annyeong Haseyo
2. thequeenofhope
3. fifi
4. http://www.youtube.com/thequeenofhope
5. all their videos ,i can't get enoughof them.
6. I'm a moroccan girl who love kore&koreans so much hangguk sarangae
7.and my biggest dream is visiting korea and even live in it why not...

Anonymous said...

1. Annyeong!
2. girlnextdoor
4. none
5. wow! your works are awsome. Keep the good work.

chosung said...

love shinhwa forever n ever.saranghae

Anonymous said...

Hi! lol
(optional) <-- get the joke? ;D ._.
any video that contain them in it? lol coz u know itll be funny! ;o
glad i found ur account and this site x], wanting to get subb for SHINHWA.

Anonymous said...

Good day!
too many favourites!
thank you for subbing! without them i will have no chance of understanding the videos

phi said...

*big wave to Amy*
it's bee a while.... can't believe I haven't filled this out yet, so here we go

1. Annyoung hasehyo
2. Phiphi
3. Phi or Phiphi is fine
5. Just want you to know how much I appreciate all the hard works you gals have done to sub these vids. It's never enough to say thanks

hafizah.salleh85 said...

love Shinhwa especialy Andy Lee!!!!!!!!!

JaN said...

1. AnnYong!! SaWasDeeKa!! Hi!! ^^
2. -
3. JaN
4. -
5. Everything about SHINHWA
6. I just know them not that long(about a year)BUT I think I know them a lot because of you guys!! Thank you for sharing all the good stuffs ^^ aja aja FIGHTING!!

Anonymous said...

2. waKnee198
3. wani
4. http://www.youtube.com/user/waKnee198
5. anything related to shinhwa, when they make joke and have fun together
6. Cant for for shinhwa to perform again,..hope shinhwa is active for ... years..thanks for sharing every stuffs about shinhwa.. fighting