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Monday, April 26, 2010

(Translations) 080620 Cider- JunJin "I Love Shinhwa Members" Cut

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Saw a request for translations at youtube, so decided to translate this short clip. It's too long to post on youtube, so I'm posting it here instead.
Topic: The one(s) I love most in life are____.

Jin: The ones I love most in life are our members.

Shinji: You mean Shinhwa?

Jin: It's already more than 10 years since we've debuted. Since we've trained together since the beginning, sometimes when I'm home alone, I get a nostalgic kind of feeling. Yesterday, I was on the phone with our member, Hyesung hyung....just by hearing each others' voices, we can tell if something bad has happened or if either of us are in a bad mood. We started to talk about the past and we both started to feel like tearing up.

MC: With Shin Hyesung?

Jin: Yes...when I think of members, my heart just squeezes (feel sad), you know? Recently, it was the same when I was doing my activities with Dongwan hyung and Andy. There were times when you get really tired and stressed while doing activities. Just from us lightly patting each others' shoulders or holding hands...there's a smile on your face, but you're crying inside.

(CAPTIONS: Members cheering each other on during hard times) 

Jin: It's because of this strength, that, no matter how hard it is, we can continue to try our best. You can probably understand this if you're from a group.

Shinji: I feel the same way towards this topic. For a long-lasting group, even if they do solo activities, there has to be good relationships between members for it to be long-lasting. Even when you're doing solo activities.... But the one thing Kim Jong Min (Member of Shinji's group, Koyote) keeps telling me is, "The reason Shinhwa has been able to continuously do so well is because the relationships between members are really good."

Jin: I also get that kind of feeling. Our members also have to leave for military service, right? But about whether we'll still to be together after release...when I think about going off to the army, there's a feeling like I'm sending off my own brother.

(CAPTIONS: Feels the same as sending off blood brothers)
Jin: It was the same when I was preparing my album. I kept thinking, "What am I going to do when my brothers leave?" It's been like that since the beginning. Of course, they'll return, but there is that kind of feeling... Including the training time before our debut, we've been together for about 13 years.

MC: Epik High is also a group...

( Video cut skips discussion about Epik High)

Jin: That's good. A good thing about being with members is that you can learn from the other members. Like Andy and I, we're both rappers who developed ambitions to become vocals. Our three older Shinhwa brothers are all singers with different charisma. They look different as well. We can learn each others' good points and we're always training. Looking at it this way, although I'm a singer of ten years, I feel that I'm doing my most satisfactory right now. Because I'm doing what I want to do.

MC: Shinhwa's warmth and love, I acknowledge it.

Others: I also acknowledge it.

MC: The ones I love most in life are Shinhwa members.