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Friday, April 24, 2009

Update, New Subtitle Project


If you have a lot of free time, do read on :) (I write Shinhwa essays as a hobby XD)
If not, then just skip to the new project announcement (^^)V

I believe this is the first update in a year or two? =.='' It's because there was a sudden flush of Shinhwa fansubbers at the time and people were asking left and right how to subtitle stuff...so I got lazy XD

But because some of our Shinhwa men are off serving their country and the 11th anniversary passed by pretty calmly (minus Jinnie's triple flip with the cake ^^), I thought something need to be done. Personally, one of the saddest things for an older fan (not my age XD) is when you remember people who recently declared themselves Shinhwa fans (well, a year or two ago ^^:) and spazzed over the boys with you, now say things like, "Aww, I used to be a Shinhwa fan, but I still love them." There are also cases of hardcore Shinhwa fans, who have done so much for the boys, that I would never imagine leaving us, leave us. (See? Keeping the passion burning forever is a difficult feat. Isn't Shinhwa amazing?) Ah, but what can we do? You win some and you lose some. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that it's sad and frightening at the same time, because it makes me wonder if Shinhwa will ever stop to matter the way they do to me. Regardless, I think the times they spent as fans must have been memorable ones; nothing less could've been expected from our boys. The important thing is that Shinhwa had touched all their lives.

As for the rest of us who are still here and proudly trumpeting, "Once a fan, always a fan," and those of us on our way to becoming a fan, I think even we need to be reminded of why we love our boys in the next 4-5 years when they aren't actively with us. What better way is there to do that than Shinhwa-subbed videos, right? And there are just so many out there. With the exception of, perhaps, Super Junior, I think they may hold the record for 'idol group with most variety show appearances' lolz They were at the very first episodes of Xman and Loveletter that made k-variety famous :) In fact, they were in all those shows that eventually became Xman and Loveletter. They worked the Banjun and sitcom networks as well. There are also all those radio pieces that have never been translated.

Groups may promote their albums, but I don't think they promoted quite like Shinhwa ^_^ They were head to head with G.O.D. a one point (100-day concerts, Yooka-ilki etc.), but, unfortunately, promotion-wise, even they didn't carry that energy like Shinhwa did for 7th album. It was the same for big groups like Baby V.O.X. and Fin.k.l., who made comebacks around that time, but also broke up not long afterwards (officially or unofficially). Even more amazing are the Shinhwa Changjoers who followed through with their crazy schedules. I can personally say, no matter how much I love them, I wouldn't be able to do it. In a way, it really makes up for and makes sense that the 9th album barely got an promos, and still won a bonsang.

Just remember...


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Now that I've written all that, I think I need to rest again~ So much for not being lazy haha~

But before I go:


Recently completed

As everyone knows, SBS Favorites was recently completed thanks to warunee123 and mommie_Alice. True to SBS format, there were 949 captions that ended up being translated and subtitled ^^:: Thank goodness these wonderful people were there to give a hand with the actual script.

New project

041212 Shinhwa - MBC Sunday Night - Martial Arts

Actually this project is already on it's way. It's a little less exaggerated as the Favorites show and will probably only have 400 or so captions when I'm done with it.
I don't see this show talked about or uploaded much. Maybe it's not as funny as the others like YSMM or Xman, etc? It's kind of like the predecessor to Infinity Challenge, so you can imagine that the MCs get a LOT of airtime. Still, I think it was pretty funny :D

milkyxduckie has offered to help out with the timing.
Welcome to the Shinhwaglish family!

At any rate, do look forward to it!


Script: Translating
Captions: 100% timed & 20% translated
Typeset: 0%
Encode: 0%
Q/C: 0%

Continuous Projects

- Youtube Links revision/updating
----Okay, this is okay to take a long time...maybe forever. I'm so behind, but I'll try my best to update from my memory of what videos have been subtitled. If anyone has time to give me tips about missing videos, you'll be my lifesaver. Just comment under the correct section of the Directory with the video links.
- Direct Download
----Some of you may have noticed that I've been posting direct download links to subbed videos. It's a bit of an experiment. I'll start by uploading my own vids, since I won't need permissions for those. At the moment, the videos are from recent shows, since I already have them uploaded previously. Be patient and hopefully the goodies will show up soon. Anyone who'll volunteer to let me post direct downloads to their videos, you rock! Just email me. (shinhwaglishstaff@gmail.com)

Okay, it's time for me to shut-up and go back to translating.

- crystalis