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Thursday, May 14, 2009

RECRUITMENT to sub a small Minwoo clip

So a recent clip of Minwoo on 070730 Global Chat with Ladies uploaded on youtube reminded me that I had actually translated the cut back in 2007, but was too lazy to make the HQ cut and never subbed it (yes, I failed like that). Call me picky, but I prefer not to sub over Chinese subtitles ^^:: So I'm looking for someone who is willing to lend a hand with the cutting of the video (unfortunately, for me, Global Chat can be a bit of a chore to go through ^^::). If anyone could help with the timing would be great too, since I'm currently working on another project.

If I remember correctly, he talked about his impressions of the different foods from different countries he has visited, two-timing, something about using the cooking pot to do laundry and a shout out to fans since it was approaching Shinhwa's 10th anniversary.

Here's the clip itself:


P.S. Now that I think about it, I actually also translated 080922 mnet wide - M 4th jib MV Filmsite from before as well. If anyone's interested in timing, let me know.

Thanks :)


Guinevere said...

Hey Amy

I can help you with timing ^^. If anyone else is busy, I can do both clips.

80slitenite said...

i like this show
if guin does timing then i can do cutting :)

Guin said...

Tiff, you mean you will sub that clip if I time right? Puahaha just wanna make sure again.

If you wanna sub this, I'll time it right after my (damn) lots tests next week, before the other clip.

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